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The Rwanda Initiative

The Rwanda Initiative is a partnership between Carleton University's School of Journalism and Communication and its counterpart at the National University of Rwanda. The media capacity-building project has sent more than 130 Canadians from the journalism field to Rwanda to teach journalism, work as media interns or conduct training sessions with working journalists.

Best Apartments For Rent In Edmonton For Your Internship

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Edmonton apartments have been inhabited for many years ago and mostly by Europeans whereby according to economy it gained momentum and grew rapidly causing it being a rising speculation in real estates. It’s very rare to start apartments and they gain popularity at the fast rate hence it needs time to draw the plan of how to run the apartments and relate well with the inhabitants for a conducive environment.

Being the best apartments and due to economic prosperity it brings abroad people of various diversities as workers from Canada becoming the new residents there hence it brings income to the area. Mostly many individuals look for the best apartments which appeal to them and are luxurious, while being the average priced to cater for their pockets economically and the comfort they require in the living space according to their expectations.

Inside the apartments looking nice and some of the thing being new. Therefore it makes it being among the best for people. In the section of kitchen is well built and organized and some of the appliances being functional and the floors cabinets and the counterparts being attractive. They generally have kitchens with granite tops and new stainless steel kitchen equipment. Not only that they provide dish water whereby one enjoys cooking and entertaining.

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It has the best washer and drier which make one’s life being easier which allows you to keep all the clothes clean and not to look for a place of washing and drying, for these apartments they have accommodated a well stationed washer and drier for their customers in order to enjoy their stay there.

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Notes from the Land of a Thousand Hills
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Living With, a photo exhibit that resulted from a collaboration between the Rwanda Initiative and PhotoSensitive, continues to tour Canada

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Rwanda Now: Improving Journalism One Story at a Time was a new kind of media training exercise . . .

More than 40 Rwandan journalists were selected to participate in the workshop, which took place in Butare July 7-11, 2008 under the auspices of the Rwanda Initiative.

» Learn more about the workshop
» View and listen to the stories

The Rwanda Now workshop was made possible by a grant from the Canada Fund for Local Initiatives, administered by the Canadian Embassy in Kigali.



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